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Antiques of Gong Yun




When we have limited demand with unlimited supply, we normally get a chance to

choose. However, when what we are talking about here is not consumer products but foreign domestic helpers, what attitude should we imply?

By using the forms of domestic cleaning bottles, they represent domestic workers daily work and also they will be thrown away after used, which is similar to the situation of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong has been treated like products, selling by the agencies over and over, contracts by contracts. And the price of their salary also shows inequality of nationality.

Drawing the social phenomenon of Hong Kong Foreign Domestic Helpers on these ceramics bottles symbolize that the temporary status of domestic workers in Hong Kong has to be handling it with care. Also, I treated these bottles as a historical vase just like the ones in ancient China, as I think Foreign domestic helpers are so important to Hong Kong families that should be included in part of Hong Kong History.

當供給大於需求時,我們通常有一個選擇的權利。 但當我們要購買的不是一件貨品,而是外 傭服務時,我們應該以甚麼態度來看待呢?

在香港這個國際大都會裏面,很多家庭都是依賴外傭來打點家務,好讓自己能專注於工作。 她們是香港不可缺的一份子。 香港人口中,有約二十一萬來自外傭,佔了百分之三。可是, 外傭卻像貨品般的被中介公司推銷出去,而且他們並沒有受到香港的法律保障。香港外傭的 輸入憲生了很多問題,如種族歧視、不公平對待,甚至人權問題等。

透過將家庭清潔用品複製成陶瓷,仿製中國古代陶瓷的紋理把香港家庭傭工的現況繪製在清 潔用品上,把他們成為香港歷史的一部份。

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