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Pep Talk


The pandemic has changed our lives radically.  In the past few months, we have experienced not only the physical barriers such as quarantine, distancing from families and friends, school closures and the long use of masks, but also the fear, anxiety, solitude and depression coming along with them. However, during these times of crisis, Lung still sees the rekindle of human virtue as we unit in this battle against the virus.  However difficult it is, we have demonstrated generosity, kindness, courage and selflessness and all these have made our bonds even stronger.  Lung captures these virtues and transforms them into her utilitarian ceramic objects, not only to bring people comfort and hope

, but also reminding us of Camus’ words, even after the pandemic dies down, “to state quite simply what we learn in time of pestilence: that there are more things to admire in men than to despise”.

這次的疫情徹底地改變了我們的生活。過去數個月,我們不但經歷了隔離,與家人和朋友的隔斷、停課、長期戴上口罩,也感受了伴隨而來的恐懼、不安、寂寞及沮喪。可是,在這段艱難的時刻,龍悅程從身邊的人和事中感受到人性美好的特質。儘管與疫情搏鬥是如斯困難,人們仍然展示了慷慨、友好、勇敢、無私的一面,而人與人之間的聯繫變得更為牢固。 龍悅程擷取了這些美德,將之化為她的陶瓷裝置,希望在這困境中帶給大家安慰和希望,即使在疫情退去後,我們仍要記得卡繆的話「要是簡單地說我們在瘟疫中學了什麼:人之可稱讚之點,多於其可鄙視之處」。

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