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Gong Yun/ The Maid

Ceramics Installation


HKBU AVA BFA Honour's Project

2015 AVA Award



Hiring foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong has been popular since the late 80s, 3% of Hong Kong population is foreign domestic helpers. By mold casting domestic cleaning bottles and depicting my precious memories on them, I would like to reflect my priceless experience with my maid in contrast with how most Hong Kong people treat maids as consumer goods or cheap service.

香港自80年代起不斷引入外籍家庭 傭工。香港人口當中,有百分之三 是香港外籍家庭傭工,而且人數更 是不斷增長。 這份作品透過倒模,複 製家庭清潔用品的形態,並繪畫家傭 與小僱主的那份無價感情和深厚的 關係,以對比現今香港僱主把傭人 當作貨物或廉價服務的態度。




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