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Family Photo
Susan- Water Spray
Susan- Duck1
Susan-Spray I
Susan- Large Dishwashing Detergent
Susan- Dettol
Susan- Sponges
Susan- Cif
Susan Washing Detergent I
Susan- Fabric Softener
Susan- Spray II
Susan- Bleach I
Susan Washing detergent II
Susan- Sponge
Susan-Washing Detergent small
Susan Bleach II
Susan- Brush with handle
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Metaphorizing domestic workers as cleaning bottles, they are widely used in our daily lives, yet disposable. There are many domestic helpers in Hong Kong has been mistreated and disrespected, while there are many who treats their domestic helper as friends or even family member.

By molding the form or domestic cleaning bottles, the work Susan depicted sweet memories between a foreign domestic helper named Susan with her employer's daughter. Transforming the material from plastic to porcelain, Joyce transform the relationship between employer and employee from disposable to something permanent, and the same time fragile and requires a lot of care.

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